Robust & Fast Communication Strategy: Build a Branded Messaging App

May 5, 2019 | by Sadman Safiul

From the recent past, the thing which has changed the way of human living their lives drastically is technology. Today, humans are more connected than ever before. Now, the number of unique mobile subscribers is 5.1 billion and more than 4.4 billion people use the internet (Source: Datareportal). But if we remember the scenario from a few years back, people struggled to use the internet smoothly, because of limited access and slow connection. Introduction of smartphones, social media and OTT apps has played the dominant role in getting into today’s connected culture. People used to communicate through email, but OTT messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger introduced a new and addictive way of connecting and communicating. These OTT apps also integrated audio and video call through VoIP and made the internet a stand-alone solution for communication.     

OTT applications have brought massive changes in our way of communication. The convenience and newer features offered by these OTT apps have made the users glued to these platforms. OTT messaging apps have managed to generate an amount of enviable revenue, also many other companies using these platforms have successfully increased their profits by engaging more with customers.

Many companies already have channels inside messaging platforms like Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp and they put a lot of effort to grow followers on these channels. But the recent security breach of Facebook and the banning of many messaging platforms in countries like China, Russia have raised the question that is it really worth putting effort to grow followers on these platforms?  

Also, it is not a unique way of marketing and engaging with customers as every small to big enterprises uses these OTT apps. To offer more to customers and create a brand value which is not common, companies are now shifting towards the trend of building a messaging app of their own including e-wallet, delivery service and other features.

Providing various services to the customers in a single branded platform will allow companies to have many benefits.

Advantages of Having a Branded Messaging APP

Generating Revenue

A branded chatting app will enable companies to demonstrate products to a niche customer group. It increases the probability to achieve higher sales targets. Integrating features like e-wallet and home delivery makes the process smooth and continuous for customers. companies also get to showcase their transparency and earn the trust of customers. besides selling products and service through a branded messaging app, companies can also increase cash-flow by giving paid customization options of themes, filters, wallpapers to the customers. Having a niche customer base, companies get the option to monetize from advertising and running promotion campaigns of other companies.

Marketing Made Easy

By creating a branded messaging app companies can easily carry out their marketing campaigns in that platform. In comparison with the traditional marketing method, it is easier and less time-consuming. If a company want some news to be circulated within its customers, it can easily share it with the targeted audience through the app. It also lets a company give information about its products and services like new features, special rates, product specification to the customers. Branded messaging apps give huge advantages to companies as they can get to know individual customer preference and meet their needs.

Keeping Customers Longer on the Platform

A branded messaging app lets customers communicate directly with each other. Audio call, video call, file sharing, group chat, video conferencing all these features give customers enjoyable ways to get involved in the app regularly. The more time customers will spend on the platform, the more they will like the products or service of the company. By engaging the customers longer on the platform, companies can make the customers notice their products truly. Sharing features enable a customer to tell her peers about a great product or service she brought from the platform. Referrals truly help to build solid brand recognition.  

Security & Understand Consumer Trend

Having a private platform lets companies ensure the confidentiality of customers’ data. Using other OTT services like WhatsApp, Telegram for marketing and customer support do not let the companies ensure their customers’ private data security. Owning a branded messaging platform reduce the dependency on third-party companies. It helps to get the whole statistics and analytics of the customers first hand. Information about the customers like demographics and geographical locations help a company to understand the consumer trend and act along with it. Depending on these insights companies can send area-based push notification for certain products. These analytics can help a company bring effective changes in product-line.

Enriched Customer Support

Companies having a messaging app of their own can give finer customer support. If a company owns a branded app then its customers get the chance to communicate and clear any of their queries directly. Communicating with customers directly make them feel special and the process become trustworthy. A branded messaging platform is the fastest way of customer support and it’s a great way of getting customer feedback. A private messaging app puts a company closest to its customers as it is at their fingertips and thus help to gain recognition and loyalty. 

Should Companies Build on Their Own or with the Help of White-Label Solution Providers?

A company could build a branded messaging app from scratch, but they need to possess the required expertise to develop such a service. They need to develop a team of quality developers which would consume time and high investment. Also, companies would have to face some unnecessary hindrance because of their lack of experience in such solution development. It would be more rational decision to build with already established solution provides. And here comes DuComm – Enterprise Communication Platform which provides ready-to-go white label smart messaging application according to specific business needs. DuComm’s expertise and experience would make it a lot easier for companies to build a messaging platform with a company logo and customized features. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and smart features has enabled DuComm to provide such a solution that ensures business growth and customer satisfaction. Also, this would give companies certain freedom to focus on customer insight and find a niche that would differentiate their service from others.

By Building a Branded Messaging App with a White-Label Solution Provider Companies Will Get;

  • Freedom to introduce new features according to business needs.
  • Increased visibility to customers
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty due to personalized communication
  • Independency from third-party messaging platforms and control over management panel
  • Smarter ways of marketing their products and generating revenue.

How to Get a White-Label Messaging App?

Companies can contact DuComm and discuss about the features they need in their branded messaging app. DuComm will take care of the development process and ensure the quality of the app. It is a matter of a week or two to own a branded messaging app with the help of DuComm at a reasonable price.

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