Advantages of White Labeling

June 29, 2019 | by Sadman Safiul

If you always wanted to launch a messaging app whether to increase visibility to customers or to shift your business towards the modern trend, white-labeling can be your optimal solution. At first, a thought could go through your mind that you should have built it in-house to have more control over the development process but it would bring so many troubles along the way you haven’t thought of. Finding the right developers and designers, train them and then start the development process makes it much more complex and lengthy process. White labeling can give you relief from many of these predicaments. Let us first know what it means and what the advantages comes along with it. 

White Labeling

White labeling is a process in which a company launch a product or service under its own branding but the production of the product or service is done by some other company. White labeling first started with vinyl records. For the promotional purpose, records were sent to radio stations and night clubs in a white sleeve long before the official artwork was designed. Now white labeling is used in most of the industries like food, electronics and computer software.

So a white label application is launched in the market under one brand’s name but is developed by some other company. It got its popularity because companies can avoid the complex and time-consuming process of developing a messenger from scratch due to this. It also helps to increase the profit margin.

DuComm has developed a white label solution for companies and individuals who want to have their own branded messenger or communication platform. This solution already consists of all the modern features of communication, though any features can be added depending on the requirements.

Advantages of White Labeling

Increased Visibility to Customers

if your business requires to remain in constant connection with your customers or if there is a demand of some additional services from them then white labeling a messenger app is a great way to spread your brand name. A messaging app keeps your customers longer on the platform increasing the chance of noticing your product or service and thus build solid brand recognition.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

White labeling a messenger app ensures the high quality of the app that you are offering to your customers. And providing a perfect and satisfactory app will talk about the premium service quality of your business. Whenever anyone uses the app they will only notice the company logo of yours. No one can assume that it has been white labeled. The convenience and satisfaction customers will get by using the app will increase their loyalty towards your brand.

Saves Time and Money

It might seem to be a great idea to develop your product on your own. But if you haven’t made it before, chances are high that you are going to be puzzled about the various phases of developing an app. Even having the best professional in your team will result in months to create a messaging app from scratch. If you do not have any developers or designers in your team already, you have to recruit them first, train them and then you can start the development process. This will take unnecessary time and effort compare to white labeling your product. White labeling can save you months of developing time and give you the leverage of entering into the competitive market within a short time.

White labeling your messenger app or communication platform will increase your profit margins also. Hiring professionals and develop the app on your own needs high investment and there is no guarantee of the product’s ROI. On the other hand, white labeling saves you a lot more money with a high guarantee of your investment.

Furnished Product

White labeling means developing your product with the developers having certain expertise and experience about the process. All the beta testing, troubleshooting and fine-tuning processes of the communication app are already done by them. So it gives you the assurance of owning a furnished product from the beginning and all you have to do is attach your company name to it.

Risk Free and Minimum Pressure

White labeling an application ensures you quality work with no imperfections in the platform. If any issues come up with the product or there is a need for a fix or update DuComm team will take full responsibility and do anything required for the app to be up and running. White labeling comes along with the advantage of offering a great application without any pressure of troubleshooting.

No Prior Skills Needed

If you do not possess the required skill-set for developing an application from scratch, DuComm White Label Solution is the optimal choice for you. According to your business needs and preferable features, you will get a ready-to-go application. If you build it on your own, you will face some unnecessary hindrance because of the lack of experience in such solution development. Going for a ready solution will be much effective for your business.

White labeling allows you to provide an excellent application to your customers without taking any hassle of the development process. It’s an effective option for businesses to provide personalized products to their customers. And many advantages of white labeling ensure that it worth your investment.

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