Messenger Marketing: An Unique Way to Boost Your Business

August 28, 2019 | by Sadman Safiul

Messenger applications have become biggest platform in terms of number of users. In this metric they have surpassed the mighty social media platforms. Messaging applications enable users more than anything to communicate effectively. And businesses have also shifted their focus on messaging platforms to exploit the benefits of them and reach their sales target. And even in terms of response and success rate messaging platforms are more efficient than traditional SMS and email marketing. As a marketing tool, marketers are using messaging apps and this trend is just to expand with upcoming days. Because of the enormous opportunities many businesses are getting interested in launching their own messaging application for effective business communication.  From company messenger applications users can easily get necessary information about the businesses and communicate instantly.

Following are some of the advantages that marketers could get by integrating messenger applications in their marketing strategy .

Personal and one-to-one communication

Messaging applications come up with the facility of communicating with the users in one to one format. Businesses can send their business information and customized promotional offers in messaging applications.  Also messaging apps enables businesses to send personalized content to customers. Other than SMS and email marketing in messaging application various dynamic contents can be sent such as videos, stickers, posters etc. And it can be easily assumed what kind of content has been consumed by the customers. This enables the businesses understand customer likings on individual level and create engaging contents. Another advantage is that businesses can easily find out all the communication history with one customer thread and identify customer behavior trends or sort out potential customers.

Higher Response Rate

People are more likely to respond to advertisement in messaging application. Messenger applications can get open rates beyond 90% and the average is near 75%. Whereas in email it is 25% (Source: chatbotslife). The reason behind higher engagement in messaging applications is this medium is much easier for customers to interact. Also, messenger applications seem to be more spam-proof than emails. By sending contents in personalized manner IM applications easily engage customers. But in email marketing same emails are distributed to thousands of customers being the reason of its ineffectiveness. Personalized and engaging contents result in higher click through rates in messenger application. Click through rates of promotional messages in IM applications are between 15% to 60%. Even if we consider the lower end that will easily surpasses the CTRs in email which is only 4% (Source: sellerschoice).

Higher open rates and click through rates of messenger marketing eventually results in higher number of sales and significant reduction in cost per lead.

Campaign and Customer Feedback

Messaging applications can be used as an effective platform of customer support. Through a messenger application customers get the chance to communicate and clear any of their queries directly. Communicating with customers directly make them feel special and the process become trustworthy.  IM applications are a great way of getting customer feedback. A messaging platform will enable a business to get higher feedback rate from customers about a specific product or event than email. Messaging applications can be used for running campaigns centering a specific product or special national or cultural day. This can bring great impact to a company’s business.

In-app Purchasing and Payment

In messaging applications payment options can be easily and securely integrated through virtual wallet. Having payment option inside of a messaging application streamline the process of in-app purchasing. These extra benefits have made messenger applications a reliable and preferred platform for customer to check and buy products and services. This authenticity of messaging applications has also made it likable towards marketers to run their sales campaigns.     

Businesses are getting engaged in popular IM platforms to capitalize on the advantages of messenger marketing. But to offer more to customers and create a unique brand value, companies are now shifting towards the trend of building a messaging app of their own which gives them the freedom of including features according to their needs. DuComm – Enterprise Communication Platformis a white-label solution provider of smart messaging applications. Building with an established solution provider would minimize the complexities of the development process and make it lot easier for companies to have a branded messaging platform. The use of state-of-the-art technologies and smart features has enabled DuComm to provide such a solution that ensures business growth and customer satisfaction.

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