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  • Improve Workplace Productivity

    Introduce all forms of communication and reduce wasted-time in switching among multiple communication application. Cross-platform compatibility and device independency make it easier for employees to make effective communication and access communication history effortlessly.

  • Secure Internal Communication

    Using a private communication solution with cutting-edge features and advanced security makes internal communication more secure and gives competitive advantages to corporate houses by keeping their vulnerable business information confidential.

  • Get Control over Data

    With On-premises deployment, facility organizations can have more control over their data than ever before. Organizations can access previously shared files whenever they want and remain safe from third party intrusion.

  • Save Time and Money

    Features like cross-platform video conferencing and screen sharing make online meetings more effective and eliminate the need for business tours and in-person meetings.

Team Collaboration

Enhance collaboration among internal team members with DuComm’s enterprise grade communication tools. DuComm’s group chat and conference features streamline the information flow inside team and increase productivity and business growth. File & location sharing and status visibility help every team member to be on the same page whereas scheduled meetings and screen sharing help employees to be work faster to meet deadlines.

  • File & Location Sharing
  • Group Conference
  • Multi-Platform Screen Sharing
  • Status Visibility & Seen Notification

Enterprise Communication

Escalate the swiftness and efficiency of your organization’s communication, internal or external, with avant-garde enterprise communication solution of Ducomm. Replace the plain old hard PBX phones with mobile IPBX solution of Ducomm and launch a series of ultra-modern secured communication features in your workplace with the device of your choice. Cross-platform compatibility and device independency amplify the connectedness among employees and intensify productivity.

  • IPBX
  • Voice and Video Calls
  • On-premises Deployment
  • End-to-End Encryption

Customer Support & Team Management

Offer real-time multi-channel customer support with Ducomm’s innovative chat features and earn higher level of customer satisfaction. Ducomm also supports CRM integration and with minimal effort you can import user information. Real-time dashboard feature simplifies team management and employee supervision for business authorities.

  • Dashboard
  • CRM Integration
  • Employee Location

Meeting On-Demand

Streamline employee onboarding process with Ducomm enterprise communication solution furnished with instant messaging and live voice and video calls. On-demand and scheduled meeting feature guarantees effortless connection with offshore employees. The solution lessens the time consumed for long interview process & business trips.

  • Cross-Platform Conferencing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Scheduled Meeting

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