Enhance Collaboration with Advanced Security

Ducomm solution offers extensive features with real-time chat and secured video communication

  • Increase Data Security

    Introduce a secured communication channel and make the data exchange process safeguarded with end-to-end encryption. Secured chat room with authorization and on-premises deployment give law enforcement agencies more control over the data.

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost

    Traditional solutions induce high implementation and maintenance cost due to special hardware requirement. Ducomm’s secured communication solution lessens the dependability on specific hardware and webRTC backboned flexible architecture results in low maintenance expenditure.

  • Expand Team Connectivity

    Low bandwidth consumption ensures connectivity in remote areas. Secured chat room with message broadcasting keeps team members updated. Secure file transmission and cross-platform conferencing simplifies information flow and helps decision making in an emergency.

  • Monitor and Control Effectively

    Admin panel lets the agencies to know the real-time location of each member and it enables to distribute resources rationally. Admin can view user information, create a new user group and send push notification to groups from the admin panel.

Group Communication

Strengthen connectivity and collaboration among governmental agencies with Ducomm multi-platform communication solution. Device independent screen sharing and live streaming features empower governmental organizations to conduct productive long-distance meetings. With emergency broadcast feature law enforcement organization can circulate critical messages to every team member.

  • File and Media Sharing
  • Group Conference
  • Live Steaming
  • Rejoin Group Call


Ducomm white label unified communication solution let public institutions to release private communication solution with own branding and customization. From a variety of available options organizations can select features according to their necessities and introduce robust internal and external communication.

  • Custom Video Resolution
  • Picture-in-Picture Mode
  • Two-way Deletion

Secured and Widespread Communication

End-to-end encryption allows security agencies to exchange confidential information with an added layer of security. Ducomm also provides communication over VSAT technology. With Ducomm VSAT remote locations without traditional communication infrastructure can be brought under coverage in a cost effective way. Ducomm Push to Talk application allows security agencies to communicate instantly over cellular data network (4G, LTE & 3G) and Wi-Fi with interoperability.

  • Push to Talk
  • Ducomm VSAT
  • End-to-end Encryption

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