With The Telemedicine Super-App, Doctors & Patients Can

View Upcoming Appointments

View Previous Appointments

Schedule Own Time

Drug Directory

Customizable Advice Template


View & Edit Previous Prescriptions

Receive Mobile Notifications

Write Prescription During Video Calling

Update Doctor’s Profile

Can call for feedback

View Your Health Profile

Access PHR & Health Data

Book Appointments

Consult via Video

Receive e-Prescriptions


Make Payments

Receive Mobile Notifications

Call For your Beneficiary

Upload Health Reports

Medicine Reminder

Key Features

Video Consultation

Follow-ups are simpler than ever with Video Consultations. Patients can book an appointment and connect to a doctor via video call.

Customize Your Brand

A spectacular mobile app that will carry your Tele-Health branding, logo and images, making it easy to identify and download. Try the following option to customize Brand-name and colors to illustrate your Business.

Select Date Select Time Available Doctors Dr. Mohammod Nayeem MBBS,FCCP(USA)FRCP(Edin),PhD,FCPS Fellow Pulmonology(Singapour) MBBS,FCPS,MD,MACP(USA) MBBS, FCPS(Medicine), MD(Gasto) MBBS, FCPS(Medicine), MD(Gasto) MBBS, FCPS(Medicine)) Dr. Binash Chandra Pal Dr. Nader Ali Shah Dr. Hasan Ali Shikdar Dr. Phiroja Begum Book Book Book Book Book 12 March 2019 10 : 00 AM Your Brand
Your Brand
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Benefits Over Building Your Own App

Four ways you can benefit from having your own telemedicine app.

Time is money

Building your own app can be taking about months to years to build a flawless telehealth platform. We already have an existing product that can perform all the tasks you need. By reviewing and investing in a telehealth solution that allows for white labeling, you can evaluate, select and begin marketing the service within one day.

Cost Effectiveness

Economies of scale suggest that if there is a company out there making what you need, it has all the necessary tools and processes in place. It probably can do the job faster and cheaper than you can, and it certainly will save time and money in the long run.

Dedicated IT Department

Every healthcare executives not always have a dedicated IT department to build their own solution. Even if you have an extensive IT department, it probably hasn’t built anything like a safe, secure telemedicine portal.

Dynamic Solution

Telehealth is a dynamic solution, constantly in need of updating and refining to support data protection and new integrations. With an already proven service, you save time, money, and can focus on your core competency: treating your patients

Our Portfolio

Doctor Dekhao

A smart telemedicine App. We harness the power of Webrtc technology to create a holistic range of health and wellness services into a single, integrated platform. From video consultations and claims management to appointment booking and archiving health records, Doctor Dekhao is the one-stop place for all your healthcare needs.

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Services we will provide

Doctor & Patient App
Brand Value with diverse choice of color
Comprehensive software back-end
Seceure Server
Customizable Doctors chamber & Call center System
Build the support center
Online Payments Integration
Package of your choice

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