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DuComm is a multiplatform Supported Application. It supports in the WEB, IOS and Android Equally. You've fully freedom in device Independency. Again our Expert team is always dedicated to support you. Contact us to know more about DuComm and how it benefits your business.

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Optimal team communication with lightning fast instant Messaging system.


Schedule and make conference calls instantly.


Share documents of any format, voice or video message, photos, links.


Communicate and stay in touch with your team mates via audio-video call.

IP-PBX Solution

Use IP data networks to manage call switching, route calls.


See co-workers location and share yours.


Globally Telecom Operators' Annual Revenue Per User (ARPU) has seen a downfall of 81% over the last 13 years. Behind this phenomenon, the rise and immense popularity of Over The Top (OTT) players like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, WeChat is playing the most crucial role. Traditional communication services provided by the telecom operators are not enough to hold the customers' attention in this era of modern technology. To fight this threatening impact on their revenue telecom operators could launch their own OTT application with advanced communication features to their existing customer base.

Service Provider

Service Providers like VoIP Operators, Internet Service Providers are offering a niche service to their customers. But, it is getting difficult to hold the remaining customer base with a single line service. people want more these days. These service providers can introduce a more compelling solution to their customer with their branded OTT application. As an OTT application could increase the quality of their services and also it could be a channel of generating more revenue and customer engagement.


The success rate of corporate houses highly depends on the quality of their internal and external communication. Secured communication is another factor which can enable the corporate houses to continue an exceptional approach in today's highly competitive market. Our enterprise communication solution could ensure high security and enrich the quality and speed of corporate communication. This solution comes along with the advantage of cost optimization as this enables internal communication without the setup of hard PBX phones.


A government is as efficient as its various agencies are. Various government agencies used to work continuously on project those are critical for a country's growth and security. Our Enterprise Communication Solution could easily bring high security, robustness, and efficacy into the internal communication of government agencies.

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